Terrific book covering the 2020 Tyabb Airshow. Stunning photography covering many different aviation interests and nothing beats a physical book that you can pick up and flick through.

Chris Jaensch
Former Caribou Pilot, 38SQN

I have admired Duncan Fenn’s work for a while, as he seems to capture the moment and feel of a day at an airshow through his lens. His 2020 Tyabb Airshow book is a wonderful example of Duncan demonstrating his passion for art and aviation with some truly wonderful pictures. 

Jack Vevers
President, Peninsula Aero Club

I received my copy and am delighted with the quality of the book and the printing. That 216gsm paper is very thick and the covers are solid. I fully recommend it as a prestigious permanent memento of a great Airshow. 

Ian Johnson
Treasurer, Peninsula Aero Club

About Me

Duncan Fenn


I am a self-taught photographer. Beginning my photography career with landscapes, I soon funnelled my focus and passion into aviation after realising that's where my childhood dreams lay.

I aim to create art. The goal is to achieve stylistically different shots with dynamic angles, punchy colours and extreme sharpness. My 20-year background in graphic arts gave me sound technical knowledge and creative excellence. My primary weapon of choice is a Canon 1DX Mark II and a Canon 500mm f/4 which allows me to capture tight closeups.

I have a day job and a supportive wife and young son. When not spending time with my family, I am jetting around the country attending as many air shows as I can.